Management, Departmental and Organisational Benefits

Impact Equality™ is an equality impact assessment product that not only provides a value for money solution for your department and organisation in complying with legislation and mandatory equality impact assessments (EqlAs), but the system is already driving performance improvements within other public sector organisation like yours.  Impact Equality™ enables you to easily manage EqlAs and proactively add value to your organisation through equality and diversity in a very cost effective way.

Your Teams Working in Synergy

We have worked extensively within the public sector and local authorities at an organisational level to develop an understanding of the costly issues affecting the successful compliance to mandatory EqlAs.  Impact Equality™ has been built with these issues in mind to help organisations like yours to overcome barriers to your success.

One of the major benefits of Impact Equality™ is that it mainstreams the assessment process, giving ownership and responsibility back to the front line staff and it enables internal equalities staff to play a supportive role whilst maintaining a close overview of the process.  The result - Your teams start working in synergy, saving time (reported as much as 40%), energy and money as you enjoy a reduction in duplication of effort and resistance to complying with legislation.

Higher ratings within your performance assessment regime.

In addition, to being able to demonstrate that legislative requirements are being addressed effectively, through a centralised system that pools equality and diversity activity, you will be able to actively and effortlessly demonstrate your achievement of a high rating within your performance assessment regime.

There are many benefits of investing in Impact Equality™ at a management and organisational level and we would like to highlight some of these for you below.  But there are also many benefits to front line staff and equalities teams that are also really important to consider.

Traditional Paper
Based System
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Full Version
Easy for staff to understand the EqlAs process.
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Comply consistently with equalities legislation.
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Ensure consistently high standard of EqlAs and implementation of action plans across your organisation.
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Significant time reduction in completing EqlAs.
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Centrally drive genuine performance improvement and level of service to your customers
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Full integration support and customisation to suit your organisational needs.
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Widely promote an understanding of equality issues.
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Impact Equality™ is customisable by our team of experts to meet your needs in order to maximise the performance of your organisation and ensure the highest return on investment.

Once people try Impact Equality™ for undertaking their EqlAs they never go back.  Don’t take our word for it though, read what our customers say about Impact Equality™.

Find out more about the features of Impact Equality™.

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"Impact Equalityprovides our organisation with a value for money solut

ion for complying with equality legislation, creating synergy across our teams and driving performance improvment"

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