Equality News

Government Publishes its New Equality Strategy

The Strategy sets out our vision for a strong, modern and fair Britain. It is built on two principles of equality – equal treatment and equal opportunity.  The Strategy sets out a new approach to delivering equality, moving away from the identity politics of the past and to an approach that recognises people’s individuality.  It sets out a new role for Government, promoting equality through transparency and behaviour change and working with businesses, the voluntary sector and wider civil society to create equal opportunities for everyone.  Click here  to view strategy.



Commission to assess spending review’s compliance with equality law

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has commenced a formal, independent assessment to review how the Treasury has met its legal obligations when considering the impact on protected groups of decisions contained in the Spending Review.

Under the public sector equality duties, covering race, gender and disability, the Treasury, like all public bodies, has a legal duty to pay 'due regard' to equality and consider any disproportionate impact on protected groups when making decisions, including decisions about the budget

 This process will enable lessons to be learnt across Government to improve outcomes for protected groups by putting fairness and transparency at the heart of difficult decisions

Once the assessment is complete, the Commission will report its findings and may make recommendations next summer.