About Us

Impactequality™  is an equality impact assessment solution developed and implemented by Black Radley who have over 20 years combined experience of public sector performance and problem solving.  Black Radley have developed solutions for disturbances, hate crime, community cohesion issues, organisational non-compliance, corporate equality scheme shortcomings, and guns and gangs issues - from Lozells to Lambeth.

Impactequality™ is developed and supported by Black Radley Systems Ltd, part of the Spark UK group alongside Black Radley Ltd.

Black Radley is a niche strategy, performance and troubleshooting consultancy, working primarily with the public sector. It was established in 1999.

Given the nature of our work, many of our assignments are confidential. Visit the Black Radley website to find out more about the group company.

"Our approach is based on experience, understanding and the need to deliver results"

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